In 2016, Lancaster County Sportsmen for Youth will be having its annual youth field day in Lancaster County Pennsylvania, to provide a hands-on introduction to positive outdoor activities for young people. The field day is planned for June 4th at Northern Lancaster County Game and Fish Protective Association on Forest Road in Denver, PA.

The field day is completely free for those from ten-fifteen years old (includes ten and fifteen). It is a full day, normally comprised of at least thirteen different events including hands-on instruction in trap shooting, archery, muzzleloading, fly casting, canoeing, trapping, turkey hunting, waterfowling, and more. All shooting events use experienced one-on-one instruction. Everyone gets lunch, and usually, there are outdoor goods as gifts and prizes at the end of the day. All of this is completely free for the participants.


Registration is required and can be done at this link to the Pennsylvania Game Commission Website and following the directions there.

Register and get a Release From Liability Form at the PGC Website,

Confirmation of your registration will eventually be sent, normally about two weeks before the day of the event, by either email (if provided) or by postal mail.



Lancaster County Sportsmen for Youth is always in need of donations in order to conduct the youth field day each year. Your kind contribution would be appreciated. Please send any donations to:


Lancaster County Sportsmen for Youth

PO Box 44

Elizabethtown, PA 17022.




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